Collecte de déchets ménagers dangereux

Campbellton, NB: La Commission de services régionaux Restigouche offrira une collecte de déchets ménagers dangereux le samedi 4 novembre de 10h00 à 14h00 à la Station de transfert Restigouche, 7 promenade Centennial à Campbellton.

Cet événement offre aux résidents l’occasion de se débarrasser SANS FRAIS de leurs déchets ménagers dangereux. Ceux-ci incluent une variété de produits tels que les fluides automobiles, la peinture, les engrais, les produits pour piscine, les produits de nettoyage, les produits antiparasitaires, etc.

Cet événement est rendu possible grâce à une contribution du Fonds en fiducie pour l’environnement du N.-B. puisqu’il contribue à protéger l’environnement contre les produits corrosifs et toxiques.

De plus, pendant l’événement, d’autres déchets peuvent être déposés à la Station de Transfert moyennant des frais, tels que :

– Les gros déchets tels que les meubles, etc. à 122 $/tonne

– Appareils électroménagers (sans fréon) à 2 $ chacun

– Appareils électroménagers (avec fréon) @ 40 $ chacun

Les items ci-haut doivent être déchargés par le client.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez ou appelez au (506) 789-2111 / (506) 789-2595

Notice of Appointment

As the Restigouche Regional Service Commission (RRSC) moves forward with the integration of its new mandates and services related to the local governance reform, our services are expanding, and our team is growing.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Restigouche RSC, Betty-Ann Fortin, is pleased to announce the following nomination:

Maryse Arsenault joins the RSC team as Director of Economic Development. Maryse will coordinate the region’s economic and workforce development strategies and activities. She will coordinate an attraction and retention strategy for the region which will include a workshop with community leaders. Participate in the development of an action plan for workforce and population growth.

Her previous experience with business and her community involvement will certainly be an asset in her new role!

(506) 866-4025

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Maryse as she joins the Restigouche RSC team!

Rencontre avec le Ministre Ames

CAMPBELLTON, N.-B.:  La Commission de services régionaux Restigouche a rencontré le ministre des Transports et de l’Infrasctructure, l’Honorable Richard Ames, le 21 septembre 2023 à Fredericton.

Avec l’hiver qui arrive à nos portes et pour assurer un entretien hivernal accru des routes 11 et 17, lors de la dite rencontre, le Président de la CSR et les maires ont réitéré le besoin de répéter l’entente conclue avec le ministère l’hiver dernier.  Par le même biais, ils ont exprimé le besoin évident d’asphaltage à quelques endroits également sur les routes 11 et 17.

Selon le président de la Commission de services régionaux Restigouche, M. Brad Mann

«Nous avons également profiter de l’occasion pour demander un engagement pour l’installation de clôtures faunique dans la région et d’entreprendre les réparations nécessaires aux clôtures existantes. Le Ministre Ames nous a assuré un suivi dans les plus brefs délais.  Dossier à suivre.»

2022 Annual Report

During the regular meeting on June 22nd held at the Balmoral Community Centre in Bois-Joli, the Restigouche Regional Service Commission tabled its 2022 Annual Report. The highlights of the different divisions were presented. It was a year of change for the RSC with the preparation to establish new mandates as a result of the local governance reform.

The Board of Directors has dealt with several files over the past year. Healthcare has been one of the major concerns, winter road maintenance, and the provincial electoral boundaries to name a few.

In terms of planning, we have seen the issuance of 462 building permits and 23 residential construction starts in 2022.

For 2022, the Transfer Station handled, 15,596 tons of material, namely 14,676 tons of waste and 920 tons of recyclable materials.

The Board of Directors elected its officers, namely Mr. Brad Mann (Chairman of the Restigouche Rural District Advisory Committee) was re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Jean-Guy Levesque (mayor, Campbellton Regional Community) as 1st vice-president and Mr. Mario Pelletier (mayor of Village Bois-Joli) as 2nd vice-president. Mr. Normand Pelletier (Mayor of the town of Heron Bay) was also named Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Chief Executive Officer, Betty Ann Fortin will act as Corporate Secretary.

The Restigouche RSC began the year 2023 with the arrival of new mandates: economic development, tourism promotion, community development and transportation, recreational facilities cost sharing and a Public Safety committee.

The RSC is in the process of completing a Regional Strategy.

Annual report available below or on the following link : 2022 Annual Report


REVAnnual Report

Housing Needs in the RRSC Territory

CAMPBELLTON, NB : With the ongoing housing crisis in New Brunswick, the Restigouche Regional Service Commission has commissioned a housing needs report for the area in anticipation of the current decade.

Economist Mr. Richard Saillant reveals in his report that there are several contributing factors to this housing demand, namely: the retirement of baby boomers, employment growth, mortality, young adults leaving the parental home as well as the influx of new residents coming to establish in the territory for reasons of lifestyle or seeking for more affordable housing.
According to Mr. Saillant,

“Over the past few years, the Restigouche region has welcomed a large number of new residents. For the first time in at least twenty years, the region has seen its population increase. This is good news. However, the region is facing a significant housing shortage and the situation is likely to get worse unless bold action is taken to ramp up residential construction. My report concludes that a total of 205 additional housing units per year will be required to meet housing needs on the territory of the Restigouche Regional Service Commission in the years to come. Residential construction activity, currently at around 30 new units per year, is clearly insufficient. The pace will have to be significantly accelerated to allow the Restigouche region to ensure its prosperity and growth in the years to come.”

Mr. Brad Mann, Chairman of the Restigouche Regional Service Commission, states

‘housing will become a critical element relating to the Commission’s new mandates in both community development and within the workforce growth component of economic development.. We proceeded to a study to identify more precisely what the needs are moving forward. We will now work together to find solutions to encourage and increase the pace of residential housing construction’.

The complete report is available on the RSC website at in the ‘Reports & News’ section.


RATE of $87/tonne FOR “clean” C&D WASTE

Effective June 12th 2023, the Restigouche Transfer Station will have a reduced rate for Clean Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste.

Accepted materials are those approved by the NB Department of Environment and associated with the construction, renovation and/or demolition of a structure and include:

  • Concrete (without rebar) and brick
  • Untreated wood
  • Siding, ceiling tile, gypsum board, insulation
  • Solid roofing materials – no cans, drums or other packages (empty or otherwise) of roofing adhesives, tar or waterproof compounds
  • Glass, metals and durable plastics from the demolition of a building
  • Floor covering associated with the renovation, demolition or construction of a building – no rolled carpets or containers of mastic, paint or finishing products
  • Broken and aged asphalt only – no cans, drums or packages (empty or otherwise) of sealers, adhesives, tar or waterproofing compounds or new asphalt product

IN ORDER TO BENEFIT FROM THE REDUCED TIPPING FEE, THERE MUST BE NO GARBAGE WITH THE C&D WASTE. Only C&D waste generated within the Restigouche region can be accepted.

Also, all burned or partially burned materials should be disposed of at a regional Solid Waste Management Facility operated by a Regional Service Commission established under the Regional Service Delivery Act.  These materials (only wood, siding, roofing (no furniture, mattresses, etc.) will also be accepted at the $87/tonne rate.


Winter maintenance of Routes 11-17

CAMPBELLTON, NB : The Restigouche Regional Service Commission is pleased to learn that following meetings in December 2022 and March 2023 with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Honorable Jeff Carr, the department is implementing measures effective immediately concerning winter maintenance of Routes 11 and 17.

The Commission had invited Minister Carr to meet with the Mayors to share their concerns about winter road maintenance. Following the meeting, RSC Chairman took the Minister on a tour of our road throughout the region.

The department has confirmed to the Commission that the district has implemented measures, including:
• Road patrol will be in place 7 days a week from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. for Routes 11 and 17 between Dalhousie and Saint Quentin. This will be done by additional internal program staff. Patrols during normal hours from 4am to 10pm are covered by Area Supervisors who monitor the roads based on forecasts and weather stations. This service will be extended to weekends to provide 7 day coverage.
• 2 plows will be made available to plow from Routes 11/17 between Dalhousie and Saint Quentin between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
• The district will continue with an additional grader at the Upsalquitch Hill to maintain that section of road.

“We have met with Minister Carr and asked for action to be taken for the citizens of our region. Once again, we have seen a minister who is very reactive and we are grateful for that. We received confirmation of the implementation of the new measures only 15 days after our meeting with Minister Carr.”

says Brad Mann, Chairman of the RSC.

“This plan will be implemented immediately and will continue until the end of the winter season.”


Contact: Brad Mann, Président/Chairman 506-760-1960 / Jean-Guy Levesque, Vice-Président / Vice President 506-759-5852

Meeting with Minister Carr

CAMPBELLTON, NB : The Restigouche Regional Service Commission welcomed the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Honorable Jeff Carr on March 1, 2023.

Following concerns surrounding road conditions, the mayors took the initiative to invite the Minister initially on the subject of the winter maintenance of Routes 11 and 17. At the same time, they were able to address the obvious need for wildlife fencing.

According to the Chairman of the Restigouche Regional Service Commission, Mr. Brad Mann

“We had fruitful discussions with the Minister and he understands that he has work to do. We appreciate that the minister came to meet with us. He is very open to collaboration and is committed to working with us to find solutions and it started immediately with a tour of the roads in question following the meeting.”

During the visit of the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, there was also question of wildlife fences. Several collisions have been recorded in recent years in the Restigouche region. The RSC has already been intervening for a few years to get the Province to take action in the matter. Again, Minister Carr has committed to develop a plan that will span over a few years to address hot spots.

“The mayors will also do their homework.”

comments Brad Mann, the RSC Chairman.

“We will identify hotspots in our regions to ensure that remediation is well targeted.”

The mayors felt the Miniser is open-minded and has a real will to improve the security of our citizens.

Economic and Labour Force Development Coordinator

Economic and Labour Force Development Coordinator

The Restigouche Regional Service Commission is seeking to hire an full-time Economic and Labour Force Development Coordinator to work under the supervision of the RSC’s Chief Executive Officer with the support of an-advisory committee. The ELFDC will coordinate the region’s economic and labour force development strategies & activities.

For more information regarding the Restigouche Regional Service Commission, visit


As the Economic and Labour Force Development Coordinator, you will perform a variety of duties, including:

  • Coordinate meetings of the Advisory Committee on Economic Development.
  • Participate to and eventually coordinate the regional labour market partnership forum
    • Participate to the development of a workforce and population growth action plan outlining activities that the region can lead, coordinate, or support.
    • Coordinate an attraction and retention strategy for the region which will include a workshop with community leaders
    • Implement identified activities.
  • Support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-workers, working in related sectors of activity and/or related to economic development. These colleagues may be involved in, but not limited to, the welcoming and community integration of newcomers, the community development sector, transportation, affordable housing, and tourism promotion.
    • Liaise with various stakeholders, including municipal administrators, municipal councils, rural district, provincial government departments, service delivery agencies, and many others.
  • Other tasks and actions that could be identified in order to achieve the objectives for the optimal development of the region.


The ideal candidate for this position will have a university education in business administration, public administration, or a related discipline. This person will have relevant knowledge and experience in organizational administration. The person will have acquired experience in project management and development. An equivalent combination of Education/Experience may be considered. A very good knowledge of French and English, both verbal and written will be required.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Exceptional communication skills, ability to be tactful and diplomatic.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to multi-task as deadlines and priorities change.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office suite software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams), & Zoom
  • Ability to work flexible and non-flexible hours.
  • Have a reliable vehicle and a valid driver’s license

Total compensation for this position will be competitive and commensurate with the qualities and experience of the successful candidate. The salary range is $48,000 to $57,000. Usual work week is 35 hours Monday to Friday, however meeting and events may take place on evenings and/or weekends from time to time.

Please send your resume and cover letter electronically, in PDF format, by email to, include subject Economic and Labour Force Development Coordinator.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 5th, 2023.

We thank all those who apply; only those who have been selected for the next stage will be contacted.