Maintaining a comfortable isn’t always as easy as most people think. Homeowners have to consider the entire plumbing system, the indoor air quality, heating and cooling needs, and all the important aspects to keep one’s home a livable and comfortable place to live in. And if you know little about any of these, you might find any of these issues to be daunting and stressful.

The good news is, Restigouche Heating and Plumbing is nothing but answers to all your questions and curiosities about any of these components. There are a lot to know about plumbing, heating, and cooling which includes components, the functions of each component, how it operates, the problems that may occur and the causes of it, the important maintenance tips that will prevent major problems from occurring, and a lot more. This page will be your ultimate guide and source to knowing all these things and more!

My name is Bruce Bohannon and I consider myself an expert on this field. The idea of creating this page came to me when I found many people are losing time and money over simple heating and plumbing issues and many aggravate problems by working on them when they shouldn’t.

Please take the time to read through my blog and learn as much as you can. I hope to be able to help you with what my site offers.