Nowadays, air conditioners are much more energy efficient and quieter than they were in the past. They are also much easier to install. There are a number of air conditioner types. To learn about the main ones and their positives and negatives, read on.

1. Window Mounted: This air conditioner are the post popular kind. They can easily be put in and taken out of double-hung window openings. There are those that only produce cool air, while there are others that produce cool and hot air. The latter are best for people living in regions with moderate temperatures.

Positives: They are not very expensive, they work with most existing home wiring systems and installing them is simple.

Negatives: They are usually only made to fit in double-hung windows. You will need to take it yours out at the end of summer if you live in a northern region.

Price: Costs vary; a 100-square-foot room will require a $200 unit, while 200-500 square-foot rooms need one costing $400. There are even very powerful ones for 700 to 900 square- foot rooms. They cost up to $800.

2. Wall Mounted: Unlike window units, wall mounted units are permanently installed into a wall. This works by installing a metal sleeve into the wall and sliding the air conditioner chassis in from the inside. You can get these unis come in either cooling-only or cooling/heating varieties.

Positives: These look better than their window unit counterparts, they are fit in tighter, are easy to fix and place and do not require storage. Also, if your room only has one window, you do not haveAir Conditioner to worry about an air conditioner unit blocking out sunlight.

Negatives: Installing them is not cheap. You will have to cut a hole in the outside wall and powerful unites may need its own 220-volt line. Usually, models do not come with a metal sleeve, and buying your own could set you back 50 to 100 dollars.

Prices: For a 400 to 700 square foot room, expect to spend about $400. For 1000 square foot rooms, you may need to spend up to $700.

3. Window/Wall Mounted: These units have the option of being permanently installed in the wall or temporarily placed in a window.

Positives: This is great if you need a unit for your apartment but will want to put it a future home you purchase.

Negatives: Window/wall mounted units usually do not come with window instillation kits. This means you will have to purchase a frame, bolts and nuts on your own. Also, depending on the amperage and plug type, you may have to install a separate 220-volt circuit.

Price: Similar in cost to wall-mounted units.

4. Portable Units: The most convenient of all, these units are easily moved from room-to-room by being placed on wheels. They have a tube that allows heat to escape through a wall opening or window.

Positives: They are easy to store.

Negatives: They tend to be a bit pricey, they take up more room than other unites, and the exhaust tube needs to be installed every time the unit is moved.

Price: For a 150 to 300 square-foot room, $700 is the average price. A 500 square foot-room will cost you at least $1000.

Air Conditioner Types

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