Choosing Gas Air Conditioner Over Electric

During the 1930s to 1940s, where gas air conditioner date back to, cooling businesses and homes depended on natural gas. In the 1960s, more efficient electric air conditioning systems ( were introduced and gas units fell out of favor; however, gas air conditioners are now making a comeback both in the residential market sectors and commercial sectors.

When customers are getting concerned about green living and energy savings, contractors and builders offer gas air conditioners as an important solution nowadays. Compared to electric air conditioners, a new gas air conditioner consumes less 30 to 50 percent … read full article

Buying Tips for Heating and Cooling Systems

Home comfort is such a beautiful thing. And these days, one key to elevating the level of comfort in your home is to purchase a heating and cooling system that will help you get through each season without any problems. Keep in mind that buying heating and cooling systems isn’t as simple as choosing the right pair of shoes for a certain occasion. Unfortunately, the task of choosing and deciding on a HVAC unit for your home requires several factors to take into consideration. The initial expense, for example, is something that you need to be ready about … read full article