During the 1930s to 1940s, where gas air conditioner date back to, cooling businesses and homes depended on natural gas. In the 1960s, more efficient electric air conditioning systems (http://air-conditioning-edmonton.ca) were introduced and gas units fell out of favor; however, gas air conditioners are now making a comeback both in the residential market sectors and commercial sectors.

When customers are getting concerned about green living and energy savings, contractors and builders offer gas air conditioners as an important solution nowadays. Compared to electric air conditioners, a new gas air conditioner consumes less 30 to 50 percent of energy. Gas air conditioners can even last 2-3 times longer than the electric air conditioners. Maintenance-wise, a gas air conditioner requires little maintenance, and when it comes to being environment friendly, the process of ammonia/water absorption is ideal especially when there are strict environment laws in your area.

Before you purchase an air conditioner, you will need to consider the following:

  • Analyze the kinds of gas air conditioners that are available for commercial use.
  • Learn the benefits of gas air conditioners that are for residential use.
  • Identify how it can affect our environment and your bottom line positively.

Determining the best gas air conditioner that is best for a commercial client.

There are 3 types of gas units that you can consider in having installed and these are the following:

  • Absorption natural gas AC – it works like the vapor compression system where it uses the cycle of having a refrigerant or a coolant condense and evaporate.
  • Engine-driven AC – it’s a gas unit that can be compared to how an electric chiller works. It uses vapor compression cycle.
  • Desiccant gas powered AC – it has an evaporative cooling process in which it uses 2 rotating desiccant wheels.

One good thing to know is there’s an increase in the production of gas air conditioners. This is due to high demand of builders and homeowners. However, since high-efficient gas air conditioner is a new technology and because green living is a new concept, only few manufacturers produce air conditioners that are for residential use.

Gas Air Conditioner

Weigh the benefits of gas air conditioner over electric air conditioner.

The high prices of gas air conditioners may make it harder for a client or yourself to get convinced. However, operating and maintaining a gas air conditioner is way less expensive than an electric unit. There’s even a quick return that investors consistently enjoy. Energy cost-wise, gas air conditioners greatly reduce long term energy costs, and as a builder or a contractor, it decrease carbon footprint.

There are also rebates that companies offer when a gas air conditioner is installed; thus, making the purchase less expensive. Make sure to consult your utility company before deciding which cooling system to install.

One more great benefit is that a gas air conditioner can function during blackout. Isn’t that great news for you who live in locations where there are overburdened electric grids?

There are many reasons why you should choose a gas air conditioner over an electric unit. It’s energy efficient, environment-friendly, and it works during a time of unexpected blackout, just to name a few. However, always make sure to check with your utility company to know the best air conditioner that will fit your home.

Choosing Gas Air Conditioner Over Electric

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