Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing for the first time and you don’t know of any plumber that you’ve built a satisfying relationship with? Well, that can be considered an issue. Plumbers can be found all around and some of them are just around the corner waiting for their phone to ring. Although you can dial a number from the yellow pages or the internet right away, not knowing if that plumber can be trusted and is well-trained can cause you more than just your plumbing leaks. Allow us  and experts at to help you maximize your resources so you can hire the right plumber.

Here are a few tips when in search of the right plumber for your plumbing needs.

Many businesses rely on the reviews left by those they have serviced. So you might want to ask your neighbors and your friends about a plumber they might have hired or they would refer if they have already experienced their service. Just a referral from a trusted friend could mean that that business is reputable, and if that business comes up positively on every question thrown at your friends and neighbors, it can be a guarantee that their plumbers can be trusted and are well-trained.

If you are new in an area, it’ll be best to knock on your neighbors’ doors to get their recommendations. You can also check websites about reviews on companies’ services to have an idea on how their services are done and how they respond to negative reviews, should there be any.

Plumbing problems that do not require immediate plumber attention give you more time to check with Better Business Bureau. By checking with BBB, you will find out if the companies you have listed in your choices have complaints that are lengthy and unresolved. You might also want to check the requirements and the types of plumbing licenses that are mandated so you can make sure that the companies that you have chosen meet or exceed the requirements. Let’s take California for example, for any job that will exceed $500, plumbing license is required.

Right Plumber

In some states, you’re also allowed to investigate if there’s a specific complaint against a license.

Once you have done the above mentioned, put the things that need to be done in writing, along with a set of questions. Next, call the plumbers that you have on your list and try to get a free estimate. A plumber may charge you by the hour or by the job which directly impacts your bill. Knowing the charges can greatly help you in planning.

Ask the right questions. If more questions are asked, then there’ll be more information that you will learn about the job that needs to be done. Settle with a plumber that has been in the business for at least 5-10 years and is accompanied by a seasoned plumber. Ask the plumber to have a copy of his license and his insurance so you’ll be assured that he has the knowledge to do the job and that your home will be protected if anything awry happens. Know that a plumber should carry at least $500,000 liability insurance and workman’s compensation policy.

As soon as you have a plumber to work with, review the contract before you agree to any terms. Also, try to get the estimate in writing. It should outline the tasks need to be done and the supplies that are required to get the job completed. A reputable plumber would even insist on this as this protects him just as much as it protects your home. Remember to ask if the job is guaranteed and for how long. Generally, confidence translates to quality work and a guarantee.

Having the right plumber guarantees you a problem-free plumbing in the near future. Although knowing who the right plumber is can consume time, it will definitely be worthwhile as the job will be done correctly and you ensure a lasting resolution to your plumbing woes.

Finding the Right Plumber

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