Community Development & Regional Transportation

Ensure a coherent regional vision & plan in areas such as community transportation, affordable housing, newcomer settlement services and diversity promotion, social inclusion & healthy communities.

The Restigouche Regional Service Commission is responsible for social inclusion and community development on its territory. With the reform on local governance, the community development service, particularly the responsibilities related to social inclusion and community transportation were previously under the activities of the Restigouche Community Inclusion Network. Activities related to housing, the integration of newcomers and well-being are added to the mandate. The RSC must offer the community development service throughout its territory and ensure that it provides the region with a regional poverty reduction plan as prescribed in the agreement with the Economic & Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC).  The community transport service will be integrated to the community development service.

The Restigouche Region be a more inclusive place to live and that poverty be reduced for the most vulnerable people in our communities/territory through the development of activities and community resources.