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Notice:  Regulations vary from municipality to municipality so contact us when you are ready to make your application.



1. The applicant will meet with a Restigouche RSC Planning Division representative in order to complete a building permit application.

The information requested will include the applicant’s name and address, the location of the project, expected start and completion dates, the estimated value of the proposed works and other basic project information. (Proof of ownership or a letter of consent from the owner may be requested).

Along with the application, the building inspector will request all plans, details and specifications required to ensure that the proposal meets all requirements of the National Building Code.

2. All new construction will have a requirement in regards to an approved sewage disposal system. Where the building lot is serviced by a sewer system for public use, the applicant will be required to supply a copy of the proof of payment received from the sewer system owner. Where the building lot is not serviced by a sewer system for public use, a copy of approval from the Department of Public Safety will be required. This includes buildings for overnight accommodation (camps or cottages).

Public Sewer System:

Atholville 247 Notre Dame Street   789-2944
Balmoral 1447 Ave, des Pionniers 826-6060
Campbellton 76 Water Street 789-2700
Charlo 614 Chaleur Street 684-7850
Dalhousie    111 Hall Street    684-7600
Eel River Dundee 20 Savoie Street 826-6080
Kedgwick  114 Notre Dame 284-2160
Tide Head 6 Mountain Street 789-6550
Val d’Amour   753-6516

Lots not serviced by a public sewer system
Department of Public Safety applications can be obtained at any of the 37 Service New Brunswick offices located throughout the province. The forms will have to be filled out completely and any fees paid before the application can be processed. We would recommend filling in the application with the person who will be responsible for installing the sewer system, as some of the information may be technical in nature.

3. All construction on lots in rural areas, within 30m (100ft) from a D.O.T, maintained roadway or requiring a new access will be subject to an approval from the Department of Transportation (certificate of set-back), There is no cost for this permit. The applicant will be asked to visit their local District Transportation office to complete an application,

Restigouche East & Center (Up to Menneval) 
Restigouche West (Menneval to Kedgwick) 

4. Other permits or approvals, which may be required, include the following:

Office of the Fire Marshal (Kedgwick area)      (506) 479-2379

Office of the Fire Marshal (Restigouche East & Centre)    (506) 544-5098

Office of the Fire Marshal (Fredericton)  
Dept. of Environment (Bathurst)   
Inspection Services (Plumbing & Electrical)  

– Electrical      (506) 790-4975

– Plumbing     (506) 549-9796      (506) 736-9850


Three officers have been assigned to serve the population of the Restigouche RSC to help in the planning their building and development projects:

  1. Tomy Pitre – Village of Atholville, the Rural Community of Kedgwick, the Village of Balmoral, and the Village of Eel River Dundee (Dundee area). Tomy also provides service for the population in the rural areas of Upsalquitch, Robinsonville, Saint Jean Baptiste, Menneval.   506-789-2599
  2. Stephane Martineau – Village of Atholville (Saint Arthur and Val D’Amours areas), Town of Dalhousie and the Village of Charlo. Stephane also serves the rural areas of Point La Nim, Chaleur and Lorne. 506 789-2589
  3. Jason Bernatchez – City of Campbellton, the Village of Tide Head, the Village of Eel River Dundee and the rural areas of Squaw Cap, Mann`s Mountain, Glen Levit, Glencoe and Dalhousie Junction.  506 789-2598.


Some projects require a zoning amendment (or rezoning) because current zoning may prevent certain types of businesses and/or buildings in a municipality, or in an LSD that has a rural plan. If an amendment is needed, you will need to apply for one.

The PROCESS is PUBLIC, meaning that the project details and the identity of the owner or developer are made known to the community. Projects may encounter opposition, and members of the public can voice their concerns to the municipal council or the RSC in writing or in person at public meetings held to study the application.

Once we begin work on your file, the process can take from FOUR TO SIX MONTHS to complete and even longer if key information or documents required to process the application are missing.

Rezoning Process

If you have any questions or require clarification do not hesitate to contact us.

Restigouche Regional Service Commission

Planning Division
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