Planning Explained

Guide to the Building Permit Process

A building permit is required before undertaking or continuing the building, locating or relocating, demolishing, altering or replacing of a building or structure. Changing the use of a building or land may also require a permit.

The building permit’s primary role is to protect the property owner, adjacent properties and the community by assuring that the development is in conformity with Regulations, By-laws, and the National Building Code.

Building Permit Applications

Applications should be completed one-week minimum before starling any work. More time will be needed if a re-zoning or a variance is required. Legal documents may be required in order to prove the ownership of the land.

Plans, Specifications and Calculations

Sufficient information shall be provided to show that the proposed work will conform to the National Building Code and whether or not it may affect adjacent property. Plans must be drawn to scale with sufficient details to establish the nature and extent of the work and proposed building occupancy.

Once completed, the work and the proposed occupancy must conform to the NBC.

An up-to-date survey plan may be required in order to prove compliance with the NBC.

Engineering plans may be required. i.e. If a building falls into:

  • Group A (Assembly Occupations),
  • Group B (Institutional)
  • Group F, Division 1 (High Hazard)
  • Or buildings with an area greater than 600 square meters (6458 square feet)

For any new construction, the owner of the development named in the building permit or the person in charge of carrying out the development shall give to the building inspector:

1. At least 48h notice of his or her intention to start the work authorized by the development and building Permit,

2. At least 24h notice prior to any backfilling of the foundation,

3. A notice when the roof trusses are completely installed,

4. At least 24h notice prior interior finish,

5. Notice of the completion of the work described in the development and building permit.

The building inspector may require that tests of materials, devices, construction methods, structural assemblies or foundation conditions be made in order to meet the requirements of the NBC.

For more Information, contact the Restigouche Regional Service Commission Planning Division at (506) 789-2595.