RATE of $87/tonne FOR “clean” C&D WASTE

Effective June 12th 2023, the Restigouche Transfer Station will have a reduced rate for Clean Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste.

Accepted materials are those approved by the NB Department of Environment and associated with the construction, renovation and/or demolition of a structure and include:

  • Concrete (without rebar) and brick
  • Untreated wood
  • Siding, ceiling tile, gypsum board, insulation
  • Solid roofing materials – no cans, drums or other packages (empty or otherwise) of roofing adhesives, tar or waterproof compounds
  • Glass, metals and durable plastics from the demolition of a building
  • Floor covering associated with the renovation, demolition or construction of a building – no rolled carpets or containers of mastic, paint or finishing products
  • Broken and aged asphalt only – no cans, drums or packages (empty or otherwise) of sealers, adhesives, tar or waterproofing compounds or new asphalt product

IN ORDER TO BENEFIT FROM THE REDUCED TIPPING FEE, THERE MUST BE NO GARBAGE WITH THE C&D WASTE. Only C&D waste generated within the Restigouche region can be accepted.

Also, all burned or partially burned materials should be disposed of at a regional Solid Waste Management Facility operated by a Regional Service Commission established under the Regional Service Delivery Act.  These materials (only wood, siding, roofing (no furniture, mattresses, etc.) will also be accepted at the $87/tonne rate.